If you would like to send out e-mails using an e-mail address with your domain name, make sure that the company will give you usage of their SMTP server. The latter is the software system allowing emails to be transmitted. SMTP is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it manages all outbound e-mails from apps, webmail and contact web forms. Every time a message is sent, the SMTP server confirms with the DNS servers globally where the e-mails for the receiving domain are handled and as soon as it obtains this information, it connects into the remote POP/IMAP server to find out if the recipient mailbox is available. In case it does, the SMTP server transmits the email body and the receiving server sends it to the mailbox where the recipient can open it up and see it. With no SMTP server on your end, you will not be allowed to mail out emails in any way.
SMTP Server in Shared Website Hosting
Being able to access our SMTP server is part of our basic set of services that you'll get once you order a shared website hosting plan through our company. You'll be able to send emails utilizing virtually any email client or device, webmail or an email form on your Internet site. You can find the adjustments that you'll require in the Emails part of our Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, which comes with all of our packages. We’ve also prepared detailed tutorials where you can observe in details just how to create an e-mail account on your desktop or mobile phone as well as some frequent situations and solutions if you're not able to send out email messages. There isn't any activation time or anything else to carry out, so you will be capable to send emails the instant you get yourself a web hosting account and you create email addresses with any of your domain names.
SMTP Server in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Having a semi-dedicated server plan through us you'll be able to use our SMTP server as part of the regular set of services you’ll get with the package, not as an additional upgrade you need to pay for. You'll be able to send out emails working with any app, webmail or perhaps a script on your web site with ease. The SMTP server configurations are listed in your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and to make things even easier we also have tutorials on how to set up an email account with well-known smartphone and desktop e-mail apps. Our guides will help you to troubleshoot any issue you might experience as we have the solutions to all of the typical issues as well. If you have an email script on your site, getting it to work is as easy as entering the server name along with your e-mail. The semi-dedicated servers are appropriate for sending out frequent newsletters to customers as the quantity of outbound emails is noticeably higher compared to the conventional shared hosting packages.