A dedicated IP address is an exclusive numeric identifier on the world wide web which is given to a device or a site. Shared hosting servers usually have a large number of sites under the very same IP, while dedicated ones use their own IPs that are not shared with anybody else. Even when you use a common shared account, however, you are able to obtain a dedicated IP address that will be used only by your sites - one or a few. Since this can add up to the speed of yoursite, it is much more likely that the website will get improved search engine result rankings. Of course, this isn't the only factor, but it is likely to help you find more website visitors and potential clients. The dedicated IP is also needed when you want to encode the information exchanged between a site and its visitors by using an SSL certificate.
Dedicated IP Address in Shared Website Hosting
If you host your sites on our cutting-edge cloud platform and you have a shared website hosting plan, you're able to add a dedicated IP to your account at any moment and assign it to any domain or subdomain with only a few clicks. The aforementioned option is accessible in all the data center facilities where we provide services - Chicago (US), Coventry (UK) and Sydney (AU), so irrespective of your choice during the registration process, you can obtain a dedicated IP for your sites. You can add / remove an IPas well as to keep track of the free and used ones at any moment. If any of the IPs that you purchase will be used for an SSL certificate, you may enable the automatic configuration feature in our SSL order wizard and our system will request & assign the IP before it installs the certificate automatically. Our adaptable platform will allow you to use a dedicated IP for a variety of sites as well if it's not in use by an SSL.
Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Hosting
In case you have a semi-dedicated server account, adding a new dedicated IP address takes no more than a couple of clicks. Our Hepsia Control Panel is very easy and intuitive to use, so even when you haven't had a website hosting account previously, you won't encounter any kind of difficulties to get and assign a dedicated IP address. Every domain or subdomain in the account can use its own IP address other than the server's shared one and you are able to make this change in the Hosted Domains section, where you can also find all IPs that your sites can use and if a dedicated IP is accessible or you are already using it. In case that you wish to have an IP for an SSL certificate, we have an SSL order tool through which you are able to select everything to be set up automatically. With this feature, our system will change the IP address of the desired domain/subdomain to a dedicated one and it'll set up your certificate within minutes, so you will not have to do anything on your end other than authorizing your SSL order via electronic mail.
Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Hosting
Considering that you're able to run pretty much anything on a dedicated server, all our packages feature three dedicated IP addresses included as standard. In case you want to launch some server software or to install an SSL certificate for a website that you host on the machine, you'll be able to use the IPs that we provide free of charge. You can also register child name servers with one or two of the IPs for any domain name that you've registered through our company or elsewhere and then use them to point other domains to the dedicated server. If you own a website hosting company, for example, this option will contribute to your credibility as a standalone supplier. If you need more IPs than the three the plans come with, you can get extra ones in increments of 3 either throughout the signup process or from your billing Control Panel any time.